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The health of your hair begins with Tek’s brushes and combs

The unique properties of TEK’s brushes with wooden pins are six:

  • they massage the scalp
  • they are antistatic
  • the improve the blood circulation
  • they reinforce hair roots
  • they absorb the excess of sebum and hair impurities
  • they are antistatic

In order to guarantee these properties we recommend to use the brushes for a period no longer than 24 months.


Why to use Tek brushes?

The FSC® certificated handle and pins do no trip the hair and do not electrify them; the pure natural rubber support allows a soft and pleasant brushing, massages the scalp and reactivates the blood circulation, reinforcing the hair roots. A lot of brushes on the market are realized with plastic materials and often in their production there are some manufacture defects that can damage the hair, moreover, the plastic attract the electrostatic energy and so cause the creation of the unaesthetic “fluttering” effect on the hair. Being the plastic a petroleum derivative it is also highly pollutant. The pins of the Tek brushes are perfectly turned and smooth, so they don’t show those imperfections that can damage the hair. Tek is “Hand Made in Italy”; we fabricate everything entirely in Italy and our production criterion are controller and certificated, the attentive commitment of our collaborators make the Tek products able to maintain the higher quality standards.